Lunch Box Smart Tablet Technology

The Lunch Box - Universal Wireless Control

Control your Pneumatic Tool of choice with The Lunch Box, the first Universal Wireless Controller operated via touch-screen tablet. − Learn More

Smart Indexer™ Automated Hole Location

Industry-leading Automated Hole Location Technology allows you to automatically navigate hole-to-hole during tube bundle cleaning with a single click of a button. − Learn More

Confined Entry Smart Indexing™

The Terydon 3A Confined Entry Smart Indexer™ allows cleaning of all tubes, removing the operator from hazardous working conditions. − Learn More

Smart Clean Job Recall

Recall your previous job from compiled library on touch-screen tablet to activate 100% Fully Automated Tube Bundle Clean -- all with a press of a button! − Learn More

LiSENSE Safe Hands-On Cleaning

LiSENSE - Part of the Intellijets™ Family

Hand tools equipped with surface-detecting sensors, so that the cleaning surface must be identified before high pressured water can be engaged.

Learn more about LiSENSE Technology

LiSENSE Technology: The Introduction (Video)

A Perspective On LiSENSE Hand Tools (Video)

Terydon News & Updates

Terydon News - 5/17/2021

Welcome Bill O'Briant to Team Terydon!  − Learn More

Terydon News - 4/22/2021

U.S. Department of Defense decreases Heat Exchanger cleaning duration by 83% with Terydon's 100% Fully Automated Smart Clean  − Learn More

Terydon News - 3/9/2021

The Tablet: The controller that helps you "keep in touch"  − Learn More

Terydon News - 12/8/2020

Join us at the Houston Business Roundtable Winter Showcase!  − Learn More

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