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Terydon News - 12/18/2018
Clean more by doing less. – Learn More

Terydon News - 11/20/2018
What is Job Recall? – Learn More

Terydon News - 10/18/2018
How does cotton relate to tube bundle cleaning? – Learn More

Terydon News - 10/12/2018
Will we see you in the "Big Easy"? – Learn More

Terydon News - 9/20/2018
Can Tube Bundle Cleaning be... comfortable? – Learn More

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Lunch Box Smart Tablet Technology

Lunch Box - The Basics
Learn the basics about the Lunch Box and Smart Tablet Touch-Screen Technology

Smart Tablet Technology Introduction (Video)

Let's Do the Math (Video)

Smart Indexer Automated Hole Location
Industry-leading Automated Hole Location Technology allows you to automatically navigate hole-to-hole during tube bundle cleaning with a single click of a button. Learn More

See the Video

Retro-Fit Kit Availability
The Terydon Smart Indexer Retro-Fit Kit can transform any indexer into a smart indexer. Learn about compatibility with Peinemann's Flex Frame.

See the Video

Confined Entry Smart Indexing
The Terydon 3A Confined Entry Smart Indexer System allows cleaning of all tubes, removing the operator from hazardous woking conditions.

Learn more about the 3A Smart Indexer

LiSENSE Safe Hands-On Cleaning

LiSENSE - Part of the Intellijets Family
Hand tools equipped with surface-detecting sensors, so that the cleaning surface must be identified before high pressured water can be engaged.

Learn more about LiSENSE Technology

LiSENSE Technology: The Introduction (Video)

A Perspective On LiSENSE Hand Tools (Video)