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Abrasive Cutting

Jack Track Straight Track

A complete modular system for cold cutting, the Jack Track adapts readily to any surface with a semi-rigid, yet flexible track.

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Circle/Pipe Cutter

Labeled "The Best Cutting System on the Market", the Circle Cutter compliments the Jack Track and the Mini Radius Cutter by either mounting for a Pipe Cut or attaching for a Radius Cut.

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Mini-Radius Cutter

Featuring ease and convenience in set-up and maneuverability, the Mini-Radius Cutter cuts small radii in door sheets, small entries, and lifting holes.

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TCH-2 cutting head

The versatile TCH-2 cutting head incorporates patented state of the art design, simple construction, and easy-to-replace consumables.

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Intellijets™ Tube/Bundle Cleaning

The Lunch Box

Control your Pneumatic Tool of choice with The Lunch Box, the first Universal Wireless Controller operated via touch-screen tablet, removing the end-user from hazardous work environments and maximizing safety.

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3A Confined Entry Smart Indexer

The 3A Smart Indexer™ is designed for confined entry cleaning applications, allowing the end-user to clean 100% of the tubes while being removed from hazardous working conditions.

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HELM Box Frame Indexer

A box tubing design, the Heat Exchanger Lancing Machine, HELM, is equipped for 20' bundles with unlimited length capabilities. 10K-50K swivels and stationary guides and multiple single and dual rotary lance length varieties.

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NHR-1000 Hose Reel

The Terydon NHR-1000 is an innovative Hose Reel which surpasses the cleaning capabilities of rotary nozzles due to the revolutionary concept of Rotation Control.

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SHR-39 Dual Static Hose Reel

The Terydon Dual Static Hose Reel (SHR) surpasses the cleaning capabilities of standard hand lancing, and ensures safety for the user by removing them from the field of work.

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Surface Preparation

HH40 - Hand Held Surface Cleaner

The HH40 applies the concept of the WC-18 Wall Crawler to a Hand Held version; Vacuum Containment under a light, convenient cleaning diameter, all at an affordable price.

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Epi-Jet Rotary Floor Cleaner

Two UHP heads spin and rotate simultaneously to achieve maximum surface area for cleaning. The vacuum inlet provides up to 98% debris and water containment.

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RSV-60 Remote Safety Valve

Pneumatically operated, the RSV-60 Valve works with other RSVs, pumps requiring remote valving, or by itself. Durable and safe, its long lasting components provide minimal downtime and increased efficiency.

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SG-40 UHP Swivel Gun

20-50K capabilities, speed and/or torque variation, and a rugged design make the SG-40 UHP Swivel Gun a viable option for a variety of applications from abusive hand lancing to surface preparation.

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Shot Gun

Designed with a pneumatic double trigger, the Shot Gun is a hand lance used for UHP abrasive blasting or self-rotating tools.

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WC-18 Wall Crawler

A U.H.P. Wall Crawler, capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces in any plane. With complete debris containment, its gravity-defying capabilities are accomplished by utilizing suction from a common Vac Truck.

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Nozzles / Orifices


Terydon has manufactured over 117 different UHP nozzles.

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Sapphire Assemblies

To support the industry with higher pressure and higher flows, Terydon provides a necessary variety of sapphire orifice assemblies and orifice adaptors.

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Convenient, productive, and cost effective, the Amuloid allows for interchangeable and replaceable parts, thus doubling the productivity of any other assembly on the market.

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Custom Applications

Custom/Special Applications are our specialty. Whether simple or complex, manual or automated; our creativity and experience provide alternatives for any situation.

Terydon is an intricate, cohesive company with the ability to supply larger corporations in quantity, as well as deal with the specific needs and requests of individuals or smaller businesses.

Not limited to simply production, Terydon's original designs focus on the specific needs of customers, resulting in a wide range of unique applications.

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