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Tube/Bundle Cleaning

The Lunch Box

Control your Pneumatic Tool of choice with The Lunch Box, the first Universal Wireless Controller operated via touch-screen tablet, removing the end-user from hazardous work environments and maximizing safety.

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3A Confined Entry Smart Indexer

The 3A Smart Indexer is designed for confined entry cleaning applications, allowing the end-user to clean 100% of the tubes while being removed from hazardous working conditions.

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HELM Box Frame Indexer

A box tubing design, the Heat Exchanger Lancing Machine, HELM, is equipped for 20' bundles with unlimited length capabilities. 10K-50K swivels and stationary guides and multiple single and dual rotary lance length varieties.

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NHR-1000 Hose Reel

The Terydon NHR-1000 is an innovative Hose Reel which surpasses the cleaning capabilities of rotary nozzles due to the revolutionary concept of Rotation Control.

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SHR-39 Dual Static Hose Reel

The Terydon Dual Static Hose Reel (SHR) surpasses the cleaning capabilities of standard hand lancing, and ensures safety for the user by removing them from the field of work.

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Easily adjustable, the Whirlybird cleans pipe and stacks from 2'' to 36'' diameter in a uniform fashion without rubbing between the nozzle and tube wall. 20K and pneumatically operated options.

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Available in various sizes, spinners have 15-20K PSI capabilities and result in a cleaner tube in less time. Especially effective for small diameters, designs accept most tube-type nozzles as lead tips.

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