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Surface Preparation

HH40 - Hand Held Surface Cleaner

The HH40 applies the concept of the WC-18 Wall Crawler to a Hand Held version; Vacuum Containment under a light, convenient cleaning diameter, all at an affordable price.

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Epi-Jet Rotary Floor Cleaner

Two UHP heads spin and rotate simultaneously to achieve maximum surface area for cleaning. The vacuum inlet provides up to 98% debris and water containment.

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RSV-60 Remote Safety Valve

Pneumatically operated, the RSV-60 Valve works with other RSVs, pumps requiring remote valving, or by itself. Durable and safe, its long lasting components provide minimal downtime and increased efficiency.

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SG-40 UHP Swivel Gun

20-50K capabilities, speed and/or torque variation, and a rugged design make the SG-40 UHP Swivel Gun a viable option for a variety of applications from abusive hand lancing to surface preparation.

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Shot Gun

Designed with a pneumatic double trigger, the Shot Gun is a hand lance used for UHP abrasive blasting or self-rotating tools.

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WC-18 Wall Crawler

A U.H.P. Wall Crawler, capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces in any plane. With complete debris containment, its gravity-defying capabilities are accomplished by utilizing suction from a common Vac Truck.

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