3A Confined Entry Smart Indexer™

How Does the 3A Work?

Step 1

Operator navigates from tube to tube on X/Y axis to position Nose Pieces along the tube row. Nose pieces are located toward the operator who is located at the man-way.

Step 2

After cleaning tubes closest to the operator, Radial arm is rotated 90 degrees to position to the side wall. Nose Pieces stay Parallel to tube row

Step 3

After cleaning tubes along wall, Radial arm is rotated 90 degrees to position farthest from operator. Nose Pieces stay Parallel to tube row

3A Smart Indexer™ Technology to the Rescue

The Problem

Common during a confined entry clean, steam and debris build-up results in impaired visual line-of-sight for the removed end-user.  This leads to accumulated human error when navigating from tube to tube, affecting production.

The Resolution

The 3A, controlled by Terydon's Lunch Box, makes use of Smart Indexing™  (Industry-leading Automated Hole Location Technology), allowing automatic & accurate hole-to-hole navigation, regardless of vision limitations, with a single click of a button.  This eliminates the need for a camera, which is ineffective in a confined environment with elevated levels of steam and debris.

  • Removes end-user from within the confined-entry bundle for complete operation from the outside.
  • Smart Indexing™ provides accurate navigation from tube to tube with a single click of a button.
  • Innovative Radial Arm allows Nose Pieces to reach tubes along the walls.
  • 100% tubes cleaned with one re-location after setup.
  • Indexer break down into 3 sub-assemblies for portability and ease of installation.
  • Lunch Box integration provides wireless control of complete cleaning process via a touch-screen tablet.

  • (1) Screw-Driven Smart Indexer™ X-Axis Rail
  • (1) Screw-Driven Smart Indexer™ Y-Axis Rail
  • (1) LB-4 Lunch Box Wireless Control
  • (1) Aluminum Constructed Radial Arm w/ clutch
  • (2) Nose Piece Guide Tubes for lance alignment - (3 available upon request)
  • (2) Umbilicals for hose containment from feeder - (3 available upon request)
  • (1) 4-Piece Expansion Plug Mounting Kit - (Kit adaptable from 1.062" - 1.951" Tube I.D.)

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