3A Confined Entry Smart Indexer

How Does the 3A Work?

Step 1

Operator navigates from tube to tube on X/Y axis to position Nose Pieces along the tube row. Nose pieces are located toward the operator who is located at the man-way.

Step 2

After cleaning tubes closest to the operator, Radial arm is rotated 90 degrees to position to the side wall. Nose Pieces stay Parallel to tube row

Step 3

After cleaning tubes along wall, Radial arm is rotated 90 degrees to position farthest from operator. Nose Pieces stay Parallel to tube row

3A Smart Indexer Technology to the Rescue

The Problem

Common during a confined entry clean, steam and debris build-up results in impaired visual line-of-sight for the removed end-user.  This leads to accumulated human error when navigating from tube to tube, affecting production.

The Resolution

The 3A, controlled by Terydon's Lunch Box, makes use of Smart Indexing  (Industry-leading Automated Hole Location Technology), allowing automatic & accurate hole-to-hole navigation, regardless of vision limitations, with a single click of a button.  This eliminates the need for a camera, which is ineffective in a confined environment with elevated levels of steam and debris.

  • Removes end-user from within the confined-entry bundle for complete operation from the outside.
  • Smart Indexing provides accurate navigation from tube to tube with a single click of a button.
  • Innovative Radial Arm allows Nose Pieces to reach tubes along the walls.
  • 100% tubes cleaned with one re-location after setup.
  • Indexer break down into 3 sub-assemblies for portability and ease of installation.
  • Lunch Box integration provides wireless control of complete cleaning process via a touch-screen tablet.

  • (1) Screw-Driven Smart Indexer X-Axis Rail
  • (1) Screw-Driven Smart Indexer Y-Axis Rail
  • (1) LB-4 Lunch Box Wireless Control
  • (1) Aluminum Constructed Radial Arm w/ clutch
  • (2) Nose Piece Guide Tubes for lance alignment - (3 available upon request)
  • (2) Umbilicals for hose containment from feeder - (3 available upon request)
  • (1) 4-Piece Expansion Plug Mounting Kit - (Kit adaptable from 1.062" - 1.951" Tube I.D.)

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