Circle/Pipe Cutter

Circle/Pipe Cutter

Terydon's 20-50K modular system has surpassed all competitor's Cutting Systems in the Waterjet Industry. Labeled "The Best Cutting System on the Market", the Circle Cutter compliments the Jack Track and the Mini-Radius Cutter by either mounting for a Pipe Cut or attaching for a Radius Cut, a fexibile option to complete any large diameter cut in the feld.

Capabilities Overview

  • Designed For Pipe Cutting and Radius Cutting
  • Magnetic/Suction Mount Option for Radius Cutting
  • Bracket Mount Option for Pipe Cutting
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Radius Cutting: Cuts up to 48" Diameter
  • Pipe Cutting: Cuts Pipe 3" - 24" Diameter

Circle/Pipe Cutter Control Options

  • 12VDC, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic Control Option
  • Easy Mounting To Improve Effeciency
  • Adjustable Feed Rate Control
  • Control Panel controls On/Off, Forward/Reverse, and Feed Rate

Circle/Pipe Cutter Accessories

  • Pipe Cutting Brackets
  • Patented Cutting head handles up to 55K P.S.I.
  • Two Universal Blocks, Two Trunnion Blocks, 12" & 18" Extensions, and Cutting Head Holder

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