Epi-Jet Rotary Floor Cleaner

Epi-Jet Rotary Floor Cleaner

Ship decks, parking decks, tank floors, and even tank walls are viable and very profitable targets. In the waterjetting industry, the best way to attack a surface prep or cleaning job is by use of a rotary or spinning tool like Terydon's hand-held SG-40.

The coverage of a spinning tool and the horsepower of the UHP jets of today provide maximum cleaning potential. Take this known force, combine it with uniform rotary motion, consistent variable feed, and vacuum debris removal, and you have the phenomenal square footage cleaning capabilities.

Terydon, the innovating force in UHP and 20K systems, brings to you the Epi-Jet Rotary Floor Cleaner, the ultimate in deck cleaning technology.

The powerful cleaning force provided by two UHP heads simultaneously spinning and rotating creates an 18’’ path of cut - a phenomenal cleaning machine.

The convenience of its power feed and walk behind design eliminates user fatigue and maximizes surface-coverage per minute potential. With the vacuum inlet, up to 98% of water and debris may be contained.

Capabilities Overview

  • 18'' Cleaning Path
  • Vacuum Attached
  • Created to clean large floor surface area effortlessly
  • Epicyclic Cleaning Process to clean more surface area in one pass
  • Rear-Wheel Steering

Epi-Jet - Specifications

  • 10 GPM @ 40K / 5 GPM @ 50K
  • Up To 21 Ft/Min Linear Travel
  • 3'' Vac Assist Connection
  • 35 R.P.M. Main Swivel Capabilities
  • 3,000 - 6,000 R.P.M. Spray Bar Capabilities
  • 125 C.F.M. Air at 90 P.S.I
  • (2) 4'' 4-Jet Spray Bars

Epi-Jet - Features

  • Epicyclic Cleaning Process
  • All Pneumatic Power
  • Complete Debris Containment
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Adjustable Spray Bar Stand Off
  • Aluminum Construction

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