HELM (Heat Exchanger Lancing Machine) Box Frame Indexer

HELM - Heat Exchanger Lancing Machine

A rigid lance Bundle Machine that offers unique stationary guides to support up to two rotating lances

Capabilities Overview

  • Single or dual rotary lance with adjustable center lines
  • Stationary guides (no sliding guide assemblies)
  • Pneumatically controlled (hydraulic optional)
  • 2000 RPM capable(depending on flow)
  • Independent gearbox reduces swivel fatigue
  • Simple gear/rack linear drive
  • Up to 60 feet/minute linear travel (unless otherwise specified)
  • Standard equipped for 30 foot bundles
  • Aluminum construction

HELM - System Options

  • Unlimited Length
  • Two Stands X/Y Axis
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • 10-50K Swivels and Guides
  • 10, 20, or 60K Lance
  • RSV-60 Remote Safety Valve
  • Full/Partial Automation per Application
  • Power Synchronized Positioning

HELM - Frame/Support

  • Simple Rack and Pinion Front Manipulator
  • Hanging Tripod for Rear Support
  • Direct Tubeface Mount
  • Third Stand (Option)
  • Vertical Hanger (Option)
  • Custom Stand Sizes

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