Jack Track Straight Track

Jack Track Straight Track

Terydon's 20 - 50K modular system has surpassed all competitor's Cutting Systems in the Waterjet Industry. Labeled "The Best Cutting System on the Market", its unique design allows for a Rigid or Flex Track, Magnetic or Suction Attachment option, 12VDC/Hydraulic/Pneumatic option, and cuts radii from 2" - 24".

Made of a special semi-rigid, yet flexible composite, Jack Track eliminates the "cogging" of typical gear drives providing smooth feed resulting in smooth cuts.

Its lateral and longitudinal flexibility makes precision cutting achievable without special set-up techniques and mounts.

Complemented by a complete line of accessories, Jack Track is "precisely" what you need to cut into the market!

Jack Track System Options

  • TCH-2 Cutting Head
  • Manually focusing cutting head
  • "Pipe and block" tool holding system
  • Versa tool: adjustable linear and angular tool holding system
  • Extra magnets
  • Additional straight track
  • Mini-Radius Cutter

Jack Track Control Options

  • 12VDC, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic Control Option
  • Easy Mounting To Improve Effeciency
  • Adjustable Feed Rate Control
  • Control Panel controls On/Off, Forward/Reverse, and Feed Rate

Jack Track Accessories

  • Pipe Cutting Saddles
  • Patented Cutting head handles up to 55K P.S.I.
  • Two Universal Blocks, Two Trunnion Blocks, 12" & 18" Extensions, and Cutting Head Holder

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