The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box, it's not just for tube bundle cleaning...

Control your Pneumatic Tool of choice with The Lunch Box, the first Universal Wireless Controller operated via touch-screen tablet, removing the end-user from hazardous work environments and maximizing safety by eliminating "Slips, Trips, and Falls".

  • Universal Control of Waterblasting Accessories via Touch-Screen Tablet
  • Wireless Connection via Bluetooth removes operator from hazardous and Rain Suit mandated blast area
  • Dead-Man Thumb Switch functions as Emergence Stop
  • Variable Speed Adjustment for FWD/REV Feed
  • Variable Speed Adjustment for Fwd/REV Rotation
  • Left/Right/Up/Down Navigation Controls
  • Water On/Off Control
  • Auxiliary Output Control

  • Dimensions 12" x 18" x 12"
  • Weight: 48 lbs. (21.8 kg.)
  • Rugged Lightweight Aluminum Design
  • Air Capabilities: Up to 240 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Lithium-ion Batteries (2) with Charger
  • 7" Android Tablet (2) with Chargers
  • Unique Device Credentials for Secure Bluetooth Connection

Additional System Options/Features available via à la carte System Upgrades

  • Data Collection / Reporting
    Job performance information at your fingertips
  • Smart Indexing™
    Industry-leading Automated Hole Location Technology allows you to automatically navigate hole-to-hole during tube bundle cleaning with a single click of a button.
  • Boundary Limit Detection
    Never crash into a channel head tube bundle wall
  • Surface Cleaning
    Automate the cleaning of your bundle head surface prior to running a cleaning job.
  • Pecking Cycle
    Break through tough plugs with Automated Pecking.
  • Smart Feeding
    Automated hose feed operation
  • Smart Cleaning
    Automated recall of an entire cleaning job. Clean once, recall the same configuration many times.

  • Software upgrades are currently available for Lunch Box system operation enhancement (optional purchase).
  • In-house firmware and software development allows for continuous evolution of Lunch Box systems.
  • Front-end software incorporated into the touch-screen tablet allows for instant upgrade via Wi-Fi connection upon release of enhanced software.
  • Pre-Existing Lunch Box systems do not become obsolete with new upgrades.

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