Mini-Radius Cutter

Mini-Radius Cutter

Terydon's 20-50K modular system has surpassed all competitor's Cutting Systems in the Waterjet Industry. Labeled "The Best Cutting System on the Market", the Mini-Radius Cutter compliments the Jack Track, being used primarily for door sheet corners and other small radii.

Sold as an accessory to the Jack Track.

Mini-Radius Cutter Specifications

  • Specifically designed for ease in cutting corner radii And small holes
  • Cuts Radii greater than or equal to 3.25"
  • 12VDC, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic Power Option
  • Magnetic/Suction Mount
  • Adjustable 1/8" to 12" per minute feed rate
  • Center Pin for easy location to scribed point

Mini-Radius Cutter Accessories

*** Not included standard due to being accessory to Jack Track ***

  • Control Panel controls On/Off, Forward/Reverse, and Feed Rate
  • Patented Cutting head handles up to 55K P.S.I.
  • Two Universal Blocks, Two Trunnion Blocks, 12"& 18" Extensions, and Cutting Head Holder
  • Abrasive Garnet Pot
  • Half Gear Option to reach radii down to 1"

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