SG-40 UHP Swivel Gun

SG-40 UHP Swivel Gun

The SG40, takes the present day inline swivel concept to new heights. Called the "Terygun" by some customers, this swivel gun is rugged and durable; two qualities that make it a must-have for not only surface prep, but hand lancing, tube snaking, and tank cleaning.

Although it weighs only 9 pounds, it is definitely not light duty.

Capabilities Overview

  • Promotes Longer Swivel Life By Incorporating an Original Shaft/Bearing Assembly
  • Special manufacturing processes to the swivel shaft increase shaft and seal life
  • Incorporates a timing belt drive with a tensile strength of up to four times the strength of conventional belts of the same size.
  • Chain Drive Option available upon request
  • Interchangeable drivers for a variety of speeds and/or torques
  • Now available with 20K-50K capabilities
  • Double Trigger Option
  • Shoulder Stock Option

SG-40 UHP Swivel Gun - Specifications

  • Operating pressure: 20K - 50K
  • Rotation speed: 700 - 5400 RPM
  • Air requirement: 28 SCFM @ 90 PSI
  • Motor horsepower: .9 HP
  • Weight: Approximately 9 lbs.
  • Seal Replacement: Easy rear access

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